Sarthak & Mike

Kill Corona 2020

The only SGA campaign that matters. We're here to save Tech (and the world).


How are we going to save the world?

  1. Everyone gets an A in all courses they're taking this semester. Higher GPAs lead to stronger immunity.
  2. “Virtual distance learning” means we don't need the institute’s $800 'Books & Supplies' fee. We’ll refund this fee so students can use it to take a vacation to virus-free Antarctica.
  3. Charge The Weather Company a $1 "wetness royalty" for every single raindrop that falls on campus each spring (estimated $3 Billion).

And with this money we will...

  • Send Corona Care Packages™ with masks and gloves to every student.
  • Fund the brilliant minds at Stamps Health Services to find a vaccine.
  • Wipe all school databases so MBA Will's data can't be breached again.
  • Convert the Reck into an electric car (eco-friendly!).

(Virtual) Meet & Greet

Virtual times call for virtual measures.

We will host a Facebook Livestream at 11:30 PM on Sunday, March 22nd, to kickoff the virtual semester. Feel free to join, ask us questions, and ridicule us over the internet.

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Elections begin on Monday, March 23rd.

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